eZee Burrp

Ezee POS is a general purpose; feature filled Point Of Sale system, tightly integrated with the hotel management software – eZee FrontDesk. eZee POS comes with the regular interface operated by keyboard and mouse as well as Touch Screen interface. You can define items which can be sold across various restaurants you may have, at different rates and by using different codes. You can pre configure the system to print KOT to Kitchen Printers and Bills to Receipt Printers. eZee POS comes with handy meaning full reports so that you can minimize on your inventory, check stocks statement quickly and track sales.


Less money spent on Computer Hardware

 When other Software Vendor requires you to purchase costly specific brand of hardware, eZee Burrp will work on any make hardware. You can use any Touch screen hardware, Hand Held Device, Cash Drawers, Receipt/KOT printers. eZee Burrp is hardware independent.


Suitable to any working environment

 Be it a fine dine in restaurant, Quick Service Restaurant or Delivery/Take away Restaurant, eZee Burrp is suitable for every mode. You can configure eZee Burrp to work the way you want.

You can define your own Receipt/KOT format. You can even configure the flow of your business cycle. You can populate your Menu/Store items from work sheet.


Complete Integrated Solution

 From Kitchen Order Ticket to Receipt, Handheld Device to Kitchen Display System, Indent generation to Purchase order, Good Receipt Note to Issue Voucher, self customize Receipt/KOT to meaningful reports - eZee Burrp is a complete solution.


Control on Stock and Inventory

 eZee Burrp gives you tight control on your store. You can define and track your items across multiple stores. You can purchase item in Bottle, sell in Tot and maintain inventory in Liter.


eZee to Use and Maintain

 When you have high staff turn around, eZee Burrp is designed so well, that it comes with very easy to understand User Interface. New staff member can really start operations very first day. On top of that, maintenance of e Zee Burrp is just next to nothing.


Support to Multiple Languages and other Regional Settings

 eZee Burrp supports all languages supported by Windows operating system. Having said that, interface of software can be available in your local language, doesn't matter if it is right to left align. Please contact eZee Support for more information about your local language.


eZee Report Anywhere(Web Based Reporting)

 eZee Report Anywhere is a web based reporting module. Report Anywhere enables you to check all your important reports over internet. You do not have to invest in high speed 24 hours internet connection and high end server. This can even run on dial up internet connection. If you are owner of multiple Bar/Restaurant, you can see all important reports centrally.

Solid Security with Flexible User Management

 eZee Burrp tracks every single changes edit and void. Be it a Quantity change on KOT, Amount change on settlement or reprint of a Receipt, eZee Burrp record, which user changed what and when? It comes with meaningful Audit Trail report, which enables management to implement security controls.

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