Assets physical verification service

Our approach to Fixed Assets physical verification and auditing is based on Assetware Data Capture software and modern mobile computing devices (Barcode Scanners). The Asset Capture technologies utilises the barcode scanning technology to rapidly compile asset inventory information.

Here are some of the benefits that you get by physically verifying your assets:

  • Know what assets the company own
  • Understand where the company’s assets physical location is
  • Identify and tag all the fixed assets with special labels/barcodes
  • Put in place a continuous system for assets identification and tagging for all new assets to be acquired after the exercise
  • Establish physical condition and status of your assets to make wise decision about disposals and replacements.
  • Link the assets verified and tagged to the existing fixed assets register
  • Establish the list of assets that exists in your records but not physically and the vice versa.

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