Payroll Manager

Aruti Payroll Manager offers a number of unique features compared to others:

  • User defined transaction codes, transaction codes are defined by user as per organization requirement.
  • Unlimited number of transactions codes which gives the flexibility to user to have a number of transactions, this simplifies employees’ payment analysis and detailed one.
  • The System supports unlimited transactions.
  • Transactions can be processed based on employee budget allocation i.e. cost center sensitivity.
  • Payments are all based on simple formula, defined by user. (Fully Formula driven where applicable).
  • Employee can be exempted from payment by all payment or by a specific transaction.
  • Can accommodate any type of tax table and simple defined and set by user.
  • Historical reporting on unlimited past month`s or year’s data online
  • Interactive importation wizards
  • Timely and accurate analyzed reports, E-mail Payslip, no need of printing Payslips as they can be emailed to any email address of employee.
  • All Statutory reports and Forms are easily generated e.g. P9 & P10, NSSF/PPF Reports, and SDL and many more. Filing tax at year end is a very tedious process and it is traditionally been doneon paper. With Aruti payroll manager, allows you to file tax electronically, you can eliminate this hassle. You do not need to download any form as everything can be done through the software.
  • Auto Management of Employees Loans and Deductions.
  • Provide Employee payslip printable and electronic which can be emailed to staff at other stations.
  • User definable processing and payment periods; Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Yearly or any other user specified period.
  • The system supports Periodic or Annual salary increments which may be defined as per the various payroll categories / classifications.
  • The system converts overdrawn pay to the next month as a deduction. In addition, current, month-to-date, quarter-to-date and year-to-date amounts and days/hours are automatically maintained.
  • Assigns an employee a Basic Salary as per organization salary grades.
  • Multi Payment allow payment either cash or through bank
  • Multi Bank Payment: Allow payment through different banks and generate different Bank Electronic payment to simplify payment.
  • Generate different Payroll Journal Voucher (JV) which can integrate with different accounting packages.
  • Generate Coinage analysis for Cash payment.
  • Support multiple pay periods.
  • Payroll detail for reporting for all years, any date range, calendar or fiscal.
  • Highly qualified payroll Accountants, industrial and systems analyst support the system
  • The system is integrated to worldwide recognized applications.
  • Powerful administrator definable security.
  • Audit trail allows comprehensive audit to the system.
  • User definable processing and payment periods; Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Yearly or any other user specified period.
  • Support is provided for court orders, Garnishments, tax levies and other Court imposed assessments.
  • Batch Processing: The System supports batch transactions posting, importation and processing. This facilitates easy Batch audit, Batch importation, Batch processing and reporting of a batch of transactions.
  • Multi Currency: The system supports multi-currency pay computation, with conversion between currencies occurring automatically as per user definition: - Basic salary conversion from Sterling Pounds to US $ or any other.
  • Payroll Reconciliation: the Reconciliation reports produces a report like why there is a difference on selected transactions between the current and previous months. The whole process is very user friendly that user can select his/her own criteria to get the accurate result
  • Payroll Reports: The system will generate various reports as per company requirements, All reports can be produced by Cost Center, by Employee, by Company and/or by other predefined criteria, categorized.
  • Payroll messages: The system is able to broadcast messages to employees individually, globally and/or collectively grouped by Cost Center, Pay point or any other predefined categories and classification.
  • Audit Trail: The Audit Trail will generate reports on all the unprocessed transactions based on various data input categories, like new data, imported data, Clocking data, and Updated an Fixed data.
  • System Log: The system maintains comprehensive log data information indicating the user who entered/changed, time of login/logout, date of login/logout, etc.
  • Payroll Reconciliation: the Reconciliation reports will show the variances existing on selected transactions between the current and previous months.
  • Payroll Cost Centers; The system supports employee cost centers, e.g. Accounts, Sales, Administration, Production, Marketing, etc.
  • The system supports employee earnings cost distribution to unlimited number of cost centers by percentage and/or constant amounts.
  • The distributed amounts may be displayed in the pay slip and other costing reports.

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