Human Resources Management System

The HR Manager is developed under high precision and stringent controls resulting in high quality specifications with simple and friendly user input. Our business objective is to achieve total client satisfaction through the provision of products and services that meet our client's unique requirements and substantially add value to their business.

“We believe getting the right software for your company is definitely a good investment.”

With Aruti HR Manager, You don’t need Employee files as you will have access of full employee files, all Employee information can be obtained quickly just by Clicking. This module combines all HR activities as sub modules i.e. Employee training, recruitment, Employee assessment and appraisal, Employee Bio Data, Employee Dependants next of kin & beneficiaries, Employee Diary (Event Diary), skills, job, Certificates and many more...
Don’t waste your time doing paper work; you have reasons choosing Aruti HR Manager, it has a unique features:-

  • Definable employee job scales.
  • Multiple comprehensives staff classification chart.
  • Employee transfers.
  • Employee assessment and Appraisal
  • Employee service years (age analysis).
  • Employee Head count analysis.
  • Employee Skills and competencies.
  • Spouse / Dependants/children information.
  • Capture employee IDs, Certificates and Work permits Information.
  • Register Professional Association Memberships
  • Emergency contact and Physician Information.
  • Employee Previous Employers information.
  • Career growth path, training and development
  • Employee Referees details.
  • Employee Next-Of-Kin, Employee Beneficiary information.
  • Staff Physical addresses, Postal addresses. 
  • Dates of:-Appointment, Termination, Resignation, Retirement, Suspension, Retrenched, Demise
  • Personnel number, Employee Surname, First name Middle name, Photograph, Gender, Marital Status, Date-of-Birth, Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion, Blood Group, Complexion, and Disability etc. 
  • Disciplinary Control and Event Diary

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